BIOXYM is the first juice extracting company in Greece, founded in 1956 and remains today as one of the few factories in the country that is involved both in processing citrus fruit and bottling juices.

It receives fresh citrus fruit like oranges, mandarins, lemons, grape fruits from the bountiful valley of Chania. Cretan citrus fruit are what give BIOXYM its authentic taste, as well as the particularities of the climate provide great advantages to the crops.


In 1956 the juice extraction industry in Greece in founded by the producers of citrus fruit and grapes. The intent is the reception for extraction- winemaking of the agricultural produce which cannot be sold on the market. The company is housed in a privately owned plot of land of 9.000 m2 and invests in infrastructure and mechanical equipment.

In 1964 the company becomes S.A with the name BIOXYM S.A ( Juice & Wine industry) with the main stockholders being the Greek Agricultural Banks and the Agricultural Cooperative Union of Chania.

In 1986 BIOXYM  goes through a process of renewal with a round of investments allowing the building of fruit silos, the building of a freezer building and the creation of a well, to allow for water indepence.

1988 A production line for natural juice and extracts in carton packs is built, launching the Creta Fresh brand.

1994 The Greek Agricultural Bank sells its shares to Unions, Cooperative and Legal persons (ANEK, INKA etc) and private holders and producers of Chania.

1996 The company launches a new round of investment and purchases a debittering machine, allowing the juice extraction of Merlin type oranges, with the intention of making use of the unsellable stock.

2013 The Cooperative Bank of Chania through its 100% own subsidiary “Cretan Participation S.A” becomes the main stockholder of BIOXYM.

2014 BIOXYM begins a new era, initiating a large scale reorganisation, new investments in equipment and re launching the greatly missed sweetened concentrate BIOXYM juice and Creta Fresh.